Aria`s orange toy

Aria Giovanni toying her pussy

Aria in old school suggestions. Ebinamodels offers 9 sets of golden memories, with Aria dressed up in cheerleader outfits and pantyhoses, amazingly hot…

Sexy screenshots: Foot love

When Aria is in a larger shape she breathes sex. This sexy screenshot taken from one of Aria`s foot worship videos confirms, look at her playful mouth sucking the pantyhose that covers her feet. Delicious..


More sexy screenshots here…

Old school suggestions: Meanwhile @ Ebinamodels…

One of the cheerleading memories @ Ebinamodels. Aria Giovanni poses in cheerleader gear for these very early shoots. Pantyhose lovers will be delighted to see Aria tearing it all apart to reveal her perfect ass and wet pussy…

The stocking weeks contest: Zidious`s submission

Funny, that the first submission I received for the contest is not about stockings, but pantyhoses. But hey, I don`t want to ruin the fun, I like this set too (available on Aria`s website)so here you go with the first review written by Zidious:

“My favourite set ever of Aria’s is definitely “Sexy Black Dress”, no doubt! And of course my favourite video of her is… “Sexy Black Dress”, too! Why?

Because this picture set (and the video) has everything I’d love to see: Aria. Pantyhose. Black one. Control top one. And stilettos. I really love how glamorous she is from the very first pic: she’s not nude, but she’s sexy. When she crosses her legs, my heart starts to beat faster and faster. Crossed legs… mmh! Then, she slowly teases us spreading her legs and showing us what’s under her dress (my heart keeps beating faster and faster!)… then she starts lifting up her dress… wow! She shows her very long and wonderfully shaped legs at their best! No matter if you have to study or to work, or even if your house is burning: there’s nothing that can avert your eyes from those Mother Nature’s masterpieces!
Her ass covered in pantyhose (the ‘control top’ part of it, I mean the darker part of the stocking… which I love!) is magnificent, I have and heartbreak anytime I see it!

Then… she slowly (and… sexily) takes her dress off, in a way you’d love to ‘enter’ the monitor like Alice did with the mirror, and enjoy Aria’s wonders! And then… you find her with ONLY pantyhose and high heels!!! Oh my God, look at those wonderful tits, those red lips, that hair… How could one say this is not Aria’s BEST set ever?! The way she shows us her ass, her long legs and touches her body, while blinking at us… makes me explode!

Well, then she starts to take off her pantyhose, so I don’t care talking about nude: it’s Stocking Contest after all. I’d love Aria to read this humble description of mine about my senstations about her, her legs, her pantyhose, and I’d REALLY love her to make MORE and MORE PANTYHOSE sets like this one: her legs deserve stockings, but her legs deserves pantyhose even more!”

Thanks Zidious, your in for the free membership if your submission is the most original one posted. For you readers, don`t be shy: Submit your story by emailing me.

Aria Giovanni pictures that hit you unexpectedly part 7

It will not surprise you, if I tell you that I got hit by one of the pictures shot by e d F o x for Aria`s photoset “Up Skirt Secretary”. First of all I was blown away by the look on Aria, and when I saw Part 2 last week I just had to make this picture nr 7 in this series. I don`t need to tell you why it`s so good, just look at her.
Ed shot this set in his own environment, the picture on the wall is one he shot in Europe 1990, right before he graduated from the Art Center College of Design. Imagine… being able to capture Aria in your own home. I think this set is special, but what if you had this shot by yourself in your own living room? That`s something to be proud of. Ed apologized for the wrinkled skirt, he had to work without an assistant that day. Hmm Ed, I think we can forgive you for that. Perfect!

View all pictures from this set on Aria`s official website.

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Aria doing hot secretary jobs for e d F o x on her website

In the beginning of November, e d F o x told me about what he had shot of Aria for his FootFactory. He mentioned this sexy office set, and said he would show me some pictures, curious what an Aria fan (like me) thinks about it. Who am I to doubt his word, that this photoset must be really hot. I loved the shots he sent me instantly and was delighted to see last week that this set was scheduled for today`s update on Aria`s official site.
Some sets are shot for fun, some for proffesional goals, websites, mainstream magazines, adult magazines, books, advertise goals, some for artistic works, and some are appealing for people who are into fetish. You can easily categorize this shoot for any of these goals, but one thing it was shot for specifically: masturbation…. I suggest you get your tissues ready…

Join Aria`s official website right here….

Win JBvideo`s shiny pantyhose worn by Aria Giovanni

Attention pantyhose lovers! After seeing the dvd and photos of JBvideo, you must have wondered how hot it would be to own the pantyhose she was wearing for this shoot. Here is your chance to win this collectors item. Place your bid by clicking below. Auction ends the 11th of July 2010.

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Aria Giovanni and her new photos taken for JBvideo

I posted the news some weeks back and finaly the first promo sets are available of Aria in her pantyhose session for JBvideo. Click on the pictures below to view the stunning photos. Visit AriaIndex`s JBvideo page for more about leg and foot fetish by Aria Giovanni.

Aria in her sexy see thru blouse and skirt:

hot Aria Giovanni getting naked on a shiny silky bed feeling and touching her pantyhose on her pussy:

2 new Aria Giovanni picture sets at JBvideo…

The webmaster of JBvideo was so kind to me to sent out the first sample pictures of their new shoot with Aria. JBvideo had her dressed up in her sheer black blouse, and a nice short grey skirt. See her undress for you and play with her pantyhose on the pink silky sheets.

Official promo`s are coming up shortly. Can`t wait to view Aria`s pussy thru her new and shiny pantyhose? Join JBvideo today and be part of the action ;-)

Stay tuned on AriaIndex for the promo`s and new indexes later!