Famous Penthouse Pet of the Month September 2000 Aria is one of a kind from her exotic looks to her seductive, natural mouth watering curves!

Girlfriends: Aria Giovanni in a sexy threesome..

Suze Randall surely hooked up a stroking delight… Aria meets up with Jelena Jensen and Natalia Cruze in her office, and what happens then… 

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Aria Giovanni: Born to wear classy dresses..

Aria loves wine and she get`s to drink some while shooting this sexy set in the cocktail bar…

Her body is build to wear dresses like this, she`s not wearing any underwear so her shape is all natural and round, no disturbing lines. Look at that ass, look at those tits. Aria has it all, and she is more than willing to show you every piece of it.

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Philosophizing about Aria Giovanni in latex..

Hot sets like this one are there to cherish. Suze Randall and daughter Holly Randall shot some of the best memories of Aria.

Sure, there is a lot to philosophize looking at these pics. Like how Aria`s large and soft tits perfectly fit through the strap structure, and about that bottom that can`t completely cover her pubic hair. The leather gloves, plateau shoes? Or maybe you love the look of her hair pulled back, while she slowly unbuttons her bottom to give you some views of her perfect pink pussy?

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The stocking weeks contest, week 3:

Suze ( and daughter Holly ( are placed on a top spot in Aria`s friendslist. Why are their pictures so good? Probably because they are so professional, but it`s also likely that Aria feels so comfortable shooting with them, that it adds just that little bit of extra to the images as well. Within some of the hot shots taken of Aria in the beginning of her career and more recent work, this ruby lingerie set is just perfect for the stocking weeks. Enjoy her pulling aside her full bottom panty to show you “the ultimate port to heaven”.

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Suze Randall and Aria Giovanni: the winning team

Aria and Suze, good friends, a winning team. I talked about red lingerie before this week and I came across this red/ruby set of Aria, when I was updating my gallery pages.

If you did not have a look yet, I suggest you do. Suze Randall has some of the hottest Aria Giovanni galleries from the past in 2000, to present, until daughter Holly took over the magic stick. It`s photographers like this that make models like Aria look so good. They have seen so many girls coming by. And Aria is a natural talent. Just look at this picture below. Aria pulling aside her sticky ruby panty to show you a glimpse of her ever pink pussy, she is not doing this for no reason. She knows what you are doing.

I think we owe Suze Randall, we owe her for shooting Aria for her first layout ever in Penthouse, we owe her for shooting Aria through all those years, and we owe her because she does not finish a photo session without having pussy spread shots captured.

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